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Air Force - Bagram Air Field

"It can't be done."

That is the phrase Nortel and MTS Installers, Commissioners, Engineers, and Project Managers heard throughout the commissioning of the Bagram Air Field (AF) 5000 line Nortel MSL-100 Switch. The negative forecast was not without warrant. The MSL-100 that was used for the project was originally located in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. With Nortel technical and engineering support, MTS technicians de-installed and relocated the switch to Camp Arifjan, Kuwait where the Nortel-MTS team refurbished and upgraded it in 2005. The switch was then placed in storage for two years while a new Super Technical Control Facility (STCF) was built at Bagram AF. After remaining in storage for two years, the Nortel-MTS Team successfully installed and brought the SL-100 into service in August of 2007. Officials from the U.S. Army Network Enterprise Technology Command (NETCOM) and the Product Manager, Defense Communications Systems- southwest Asia (PM DCS-SWA) were effusive in their praise of Nortel and MTS and the support that our people provided. It might not have been easy, but the people of the Nortel-MTS Team had no doubts that it could be done. Through hard work, expertise, and a never say die attitude, MTS was able to successfully commission the MSL-100 at Bagram Air Field.

Bagram Air Field is critically important to the Department of Defense's (DoD) ongoing mission in Southwest Asia. As such, reliable communications support is crucial in this area. Nortel and MTS fully understood the strategic importance of providing proper communications infrastructure in this area of the world. Nortel and MTS also fully understood the hardships involved in working in a hostile environment to provide communications support to the DoD in Southwest Asia.

As mentioned above, the MSL-100 that was used for this project was originally lactated in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia and MTS de-installed the switch and relocated it to Camp Arifjan, Kuwait where MTS technicians replaced all antiquated components and upgraded the front end from a BNR Reduced Instruction Set Computing (BRISC) processor to a state-of-the-art Extended Architecture Core (XA-Core) processor. Then, Nortel and MTS performed an in-depth testing a commissioning process to ensure that the switch met the central office industry standard of 99.999% reliability.

US Army - San Antonio Consult and Appointment Management Office (CAMO)

Nortel and MTS Engineered and Furnished a new Option 61C (CS1000 SG) dual processor and all ancillary equipment for CAMO at Fort Sam Houston. CAMO is of the utmost importance to the United States Armed Services. CAMO schedules approximately 32,000 primary and specialty care appointments per month, manages approximately 14,000 specialty referrals per month, and coordinates 3,000 network referrals per month. In addition, CAMO plays in integral role in the delivery of care for America's sons and daughters returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Just as many felt the commissioning at Bagram could not be done, conventional thinking would say that the work at CAMO was nearly impossible. Nortel and MTS were faced with the extremely challenging task of completing the installation of the Option 61 C within a very thin timeframe. After receiving the order for the CS1000 SG on September 28th, Nortel and MTS turned over a fully functional and integrated system within a mere seven weeks. We are convinced that very few companies would take on this task much less complete it with such amazing success. According to Jim Billings, MTS Program Manager for Fort Sam Houston and Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio, "MTS immediately recognized and accepted the challenge to perform this complex project within the critical timeframe required to meet the customer's needs. Through our close partnership with Nortel, MTS is the only company in the world capable of delivering fully-integrated switching system solutions by immediately deploying personnel and resources required to fulfill critical customer requirements such as those undertaken in support of the Consult & Appointment Management Office. By completing this installation project to meet the customer's short deadline, we clearly demonstrated MTS' full Engineering and Project Management capabilities."

Department of Energy (DOE) – National Nuclear Security Administration, Nevada

MTS owns the telecommunications services subcontract in support of the Department of Energy’s (DOE) National Nuclear Security Administration in Nevada.  This subcontract with National Security Technologies (NSTec), LLC (a Contractor to the DOE) includes 24/7/365 Operations and Maintenance (O&M) of an extensive telecommunications network including a host Avaya CS2100/SL-100 VoIP/TDM hybrid switch and seven CS1000s in Nevada, California, New Mexico, and Maryland.  MTS also maintains an extensive SONET and microwave network, along with an outside cable plant at DOE’s Nevada Test Site.

Peripheral switching equipment maintained includes a remote switching center consisting of Remote Cluster Controllers off the host CS2100/SL-100. MTS also maintains a Cisco Unity Unified Messaging platform and a Pinnacle TMS. MTS provides maintenance support for Avaya Passport, Alcatel 1603, and fixed and mobile microwave transmission systems, as well as DC Power systems for the host and remote switching systems.

MTS staffs a team of 24 dedicated on-site technical, customer service, and management professionals that provides O&M support for CS2100/SL-100 telephone switch. This switch is equipped with over 8,000 lines, a Main Distribution Frame (MDF) supporting 12,000 cable pairs, campus inside plant cabling, and an aerial outside fiber and copper cable plant.  With the Avaya CS2100, CS1000, and Cisco Call Manager clusters throughout the DOE network, MTS supports over one thousand VoIP users. Currently, MTS has a VoIP migration initiative in progress to have 90% of users throughout the network converted from TDM to VoIP by the end of 2011.

As a full-fledged partner with NSTec, MTS supports all of the customer’s strategic technology initiatives.  Our ongoing mission under this subcontract is to work with the DOE and NSTec to maximize value on its past, current, and future investments.

Commercial: State-of-the-art Health Care Facility - San Antonio, Texas

MTS provides dedicated on-site certified Nortel technicians to a modern state-of-the-art, 450-bed health care facility that provides level-one trauma and graduate medical education. It has 1.5 million square feet of operational space and a normal bed capacity of 450, of which 48 are ICU beds and 40 are dedicated to the Surgical Research Unit. The clinics support approximately 640,000 outpatient visits annually.

Since May of 2003, MTS has staffed a nine-person team providing dedicated, on-site, and comprehensive telecommunications Operations and Maintenance Services to the Health Care community in San Antonio, Texas. The technical areas of responsibility include Nortel SL-100 Remote switching system, network troubleshooting and trouble resolution, network adds, deletes and changes to communications drops, Computer-Aided Design and Data entry support, cable plant services, Site Surveys to identify drop locations, labor and equipment requirements and Special Projects to upgrade cable plant, switching systems, and peripherals.

Commercial: Government Research Laboratory - San Jose, California

MTS provides a dedicated certified Nortel SL-100 Switch Technician perform on-site O&M duties for a period of 1 year, working 40 hours per week (5 days a week, 8 hours per day). At the present time, O&M duties include oversight of the SL-100 and ancillary equipment.

MTS provides technically qualified personnel to operate and maintain the Administrative Telephone System providing 24x7x365 Coverage for the On-Site Operations and Maintenance (Preventive and Remedial). The major equipment maintained includes Nortel SL-100 Digital Switch, with Remote Switching Systems, Peripheral Equipment, and ISP/OSP Plant (voice/data) Cable System.

Installation of a new TMS system which includes call auditing and call accounting.

  • Planned upgrade to CallPilot from existing Voice Mail System, and consolidation of call centers with new ACD system.
  • Included with MTS Dedicated Certified Nortel Technician:
  • Emergency Technical Assistance Support (ETAS) coverage on a 24 x 7 x 365 basis for all problem escalations to include the PBX system and other ancillary equipment as noted above.