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MTS Facilities

Network Operations Center (NOC)

Available to MTS customers and employees, the Network Operations Center (NOC) provides 24x7x365 immediate technical assistance for technicians in the field. Staffed with some of the most talented engineers in the industry, the NOC operates in-house switch systems for customer support, MTS engineering, problem solving, remote system monitoring, and personnel training. MTS has established worldwide DSN access in our NOC, providing a tremendous advantage for our customer base and offers added service access to customer systems in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other remote locations in SWA, Eastern Europe, and US Army PAC, where commercial TDM and IP connectivity is severely degraded or non-existent. Additionally, the MTS DSN NOC, located in Virginia, is integrated into the Black Box operations group and backed up by geographically disparate and redundant NOCs in Minnetonka, MN and Houston, TX.

Depot Center

The MTS Depot Center is fully staffed during normal duty hours and maintains on-call standby coverage to handle emergency return/replacement orders during all non-duty hours. MTS ensures delivery with traceable shipments and above-average turn-around times. MTS will return items to the customer within 20 days, but normally the item is shipped in just 5 days.

Field Support Offices

MTS has field support offices in San Antonio, Texas; Doha, Qatar; Sigonella, Italy; Seoul, Korea; and Wiesbaden, Germany. Our trained staff is available around the world to assist you on-site from our field support offices.