Network Services

Network Services

EFITC Services

MTS provides network operations services to Central Office (CO), Private Branch Exchange (PBX), and remote switching equipment and facilities, where we Engineer, Furnish, Install, Test, and Commission (EFITC) telephone and data systems. This includes vanized or modular systems, local area networks, and convergence of legacy systems with VoIP.

Upgrades and Expansions

MTS provides services to upgrade existing systems and bring them to the most current release level.

De-installation and Relocation

MTS service offerings also include the decommission, de-install, pack and ship of customer owned PBX’s and the reinstallation and commissioning of the existing assets in a new shelter or customer designated location.

Structured Cabling

MTS designs, installs, and maintains all cables, conduits, maintenance holes, ducts, poles, and equipment from the MDF to the instrument. This includes copper and fiber outside plant and buildings Structured Cabling systems.